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Updating your license

As with installing a Martini license, updating your instance's license can be done in three ways:

License installation for TORO Cloud

The procedures described in this document are not applicable to organizations running Martini Online. License installation is automatic for TORO Cloud subscribers. To learn how to subscribe to TORO Cloud, visit this section instead.

Via Martini Runtime Admin UI

  1. Visit the Martini Runtime Admin UI with your browser (this is usually http://<martini-host>:8080).
  2. Under the Configuration menu on the left-hand side, select License. This will bring you to the License page.
  3. From the License page, you can either:

    • Sync your license with the TORO Marketplace or;
    • Manually enter the license key and then install it by clicking Save.

    Form for updating license

Via CLI tool

Using the CLI tool, execute the install-license command to reset the license key:

> install-license --license "<your license key here>"
License installed.

As an alternative, you can use the sync-license command to sync your license:

> sync-license

Excessive license syncing

You can only sync your license once every 10 minutes or an error will occur. The command will fail if it has been called before the 10-minute interval has passed, and a message will be printed to the console indicating that you have made too many license sync requests.

> sync-license
Failed to sync license (Too many license sync request. Try again in 8 minute(s) and 52 second(s). (429))

Via Martini Desktop

Martini Desktop checks your license upon application start up and before the embedded instance starts up. It will automatically detect and update the license if necessary. If the license that's already installed is revoked and no new license is detected, the license installation wizard will appear.

You can check the installed license details by going to the application toolbar and choosing License > License Details.

Martini Desktop License Menu Item


If you are not in a rush to update your license manually, Martini will automatically update its license for you. This can take up to six hours to occur. You can also restart Martini since Martini checks for new licenses as it's starting up.

License upgrade

Upgrade to commercial license

To upgrade your license from free to commercial, follow these steps:

  1. Purchase a new subscription.
  2. Go to your previous subscription.
  3. Click on the options button of your previous license and then click Upgrade to Commerical License.
  4. Click on your purchased subscription and click Proceed.

And you're done! Your previous product key should be under your new subscription. You can update your new license by using the instructions above.