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Gloop Properties view

You can further configure Gloop steps by editing their properties. Step properties are displayed in the Properties view. They appear in said view when you select a step from the step tree. By default, the Properties view is located on the right side of the editor.

Properties view not visible

If you want to display the Mapper view in Martini Desktop, go to the application menu Window > Show View > Properties. Alternatively, you can use the shortcut .

For steps, the Properties view has two tabs:

  • General, where all step properties are listed; and
  • Comments, where you can conveniently edit or view comments for a step.

In the General tab, step properties are described in a table. This table has a Property column showing the property name, and a Value column showing the current value assigned to the property. To edit a property, click any one of the rows in the Value column or press . To reset a property to null or its default value, right click on it and then click Reset or press .

Editing step properties

Editing step properties

It is also possible to edit some of the step properties without using the Properties view. You can:

  • Press to edit the Label property;
  • Press to edit comments; or
  • Press or double-click the step to edit the Expression property (for steps with an expression only) or to add or edit the set expression.

services also have properties; to show them, either click on any empty space in the step tree or click the table-shaped button located in the toolbar. The Properties view will have three sections, each toggleable via the corresponding tab:

  • General, for general service properties;
  • Comments, for comments about the service; and
  • REST, for setting ad-hoc REST endpoint properties.