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Release notes for Martini Online v1.5.2

Martini Online v1.5.2 was released on February 24, 2021. This patch covers the following issues:


  • MO-3642 - Preselect db connection when creating a query from selected db connection navigator item
  • MO-3644 - Open edit expression modal when double clicking on a set expression line in gloop editor tree


  • MO-3626 - User interface tour displays old perspective name
  • MO-3627 - Unable to save after setting an expression to the property of a declared model
  • MO-3628 - Unable to add an array declared property from mapper output content assist
  • MO-3629 - Gloop properties view got unfocused after renaming a declared property
  • MO-3630 - Added child directory, while the package is in LOADED state, is not showing on navigator
  • MO-3631 - Reselection of gloop service and gloop template steps after deleting a step
  • MO-3632 - Renaming declared properties makes the gloop service unable to parsed
  • MO-3633 - Unable to add step under try, catch and finally block
  • MO-3634 - Adding io property is being duplicated on flux tour step 5/6
  • MO-3635 - Importing a package with endpoint will not display the endpoint
  • MO-3636 - Content assist incorrect next step when selecting info proposal
  • MO-3637 - Flux tour guide bubble
  • MO-3638 - Set expression is not being reset when declared property was deleted
  • MO-3640 - Incorrect property view when a set expression line was selected
  • MO-3641 - Create query modal still shows an error even there's a selected db connection already