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Relational (SQL) database connections

Martini comes with the ability to connect to almost any Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) relational (SQL) database and execute SQL operations against it (provided the appropriate drivers are installed).

Database connections in Martini are also pooled, and can be configured to use XA transactions. Pools are easily configured in Martini using a simple and intuitive user interface, meaning you don't have to configure them by hand by editing files.

Database connection user interface

Database connection user interface

SQL operations performed against a database can be executed from Groovy, using the Sql function class, or from Gloop, by using Gloop SQL services.

Gloop SQL Editor

Martini also includes a a dedicated Database perspective that can be used to inspect and maintain schemas, tables, and columns, as well as perform ad-hoc queries and see their results.

Database perspective

The sections below provide more information about relational database connections.