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Release notes for Martini Desktop v1.3.0

Martini Desktop v1.3.0 was released on October 5, 2020. This version's key feature is the ability to browse services in JAR files and drag and drop them in a Gloop service.

Drag and drop JAR service


  • MD-3050 - Show available code services under JAR files in the Navigator
  • MD-3404 - Remove "Maximum Wait Queue Size" field from MongoDB connection editor
  • MD-3407 - Update acknowledgement field of JMS listener endpoint form


  • MD-3384 - Sort endpoints alphabetically
  • MD-3389 - Allow user to not show again REST API editor warning on save
  • MD-3390 - Make essential views of each perspective not closeable
  • MD-3391 - Improve perspectives
  • MD-3395 - Remove validation error for empty documentation URL in REST API editor
  • MD-3396 - Make REST API editor context menu more selection sensitive
  • MD-3398 - Add "gse" as alias for new Gloop service wizard search
  • MD-3399 - Smarter operation mapping in REST API Wizard
  • MD-3400 - Add download button to API preview
  • MD-3402 - Add search button to REST API editor toolbar
  • MD-3410 - Sort alphabetically database connection names in editors
  • MD-3412 - Ask to start embedded MR when Teamworkspace or Marketplace is accessed
  • MD-3413 - Add icon for jar and class files
  • MD-3418 - Fix typo in move declared property quickfix
  • MD-3421 - Improve filesystem related error messages
  • MD-3427 - Prompt to reload the Martini package when a jar file is added


  • MD-3385 - Send Redis message menu item is enabled on stopped listener and connection pool
  • MD-3392 - Cannot edit logger level
  • MD-3394 - Incorrect services appearing in service picker for service invoker
  • MD-3409 - Content proposal "Break from" set the language as Groovy instead of plain text
  • MD-3411 - Find references and format command key bindings are conflicting
  • MD-3416 - Theme is broken in report wizard
  • MD-3419 - Able to delete '.class' files under a jar file
  • MD-3423 - Error when fetching services
  • MD-3425 - Broken Flux editor
  • MD-3428 - Edit parameter quick fix does not work with a parameter without a name set
  • MD-3429 - Smarter response mapping in REST API Wizard assigns invalid response code property
  • MD-3432 - Add package to dependencies quickfix doesn't set the version