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Using Redis with API throttling

Martini's throttling feature allows you to limit the number of allowed service invocations within a specified amount of time. To do this, Martini needs to keep a record of service invocations that have already occurred. By default, Martini stores this data in an in-memory data store, but it's possible to configure Martini to use Redis instead.

Production environments and throttling

If you are throttling API requests in a production or heavy-load environment, it's recommended to use Redis.

To use Redis:

  1. Create a Redis database connection and name it monitor-redis.

    Check your license

    Your license must offer Redis support in order to create a Redis database connection.

  2. Update the application property throttling.datastore-type so that its value is redis.

  3. Restart your instance. If successful, you should be able to see this log message in the console:

    05/08/19 14:56:51.556 INFO  [ThrottlingBeanConfig] Using redis Throttling datastore for Throttling API