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Release notes for Martini Runtime v1.5.1

Martini Runtime v1.5.1 was released on August 26, 2021. This hotfix covers the following issues:


  • MR-6209 - OpenAPI schema validation fails when using APIException
  • MR-6474 - Incorrect package state when MR starts
  • MR-6475 - Unrecognized SSL Message
  • MR-6522 - NPE Exception: Name is null when using Martini.saveEndpoint
  • MR-6579 - Consuming a swagger spec with validation error doesn't generate services
  • MR-6580 - Consuming a swagger spec throws null pointer exception
  • MR-6597 - Consuming a WADL spec generates one service
  • MR-6600 - Unable to connect to FTP server created from MR
  • MR-6611 - MR is not handling X_FORWARDED_* flags properly