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Release notes for Martini Desktop v1.2.0

Martini Desktop v1.2.0 was released on July 2, 2020. This version brings the following major features and improvements:

  • Support for polyglot

    This feature introduces the new Gloop script service, script step (previously known as Gloovy step) and the updated script dialog which allows you to choose and use supported script languages.

    Gloop script service

    Script step editor

  • Support for invocations of Spring bean methods

    You can now invoke Spring bean methods in your services after adding Spring context files to your Martini package.

    Invoking a Spring bean's method in a Gloop service

  • Support for the HTTP filter endpoint, which allows developers to invoke services upon the receipt of an HTTP request.

    HTTP filter endpoint


  • MD-3285 - Add Solr core configuration to Martini package configuration editor
  • MD-3327 - Add HTTP Filter endpoint editor
  • MD-3331 - Add polyglot support
  • MD-3332 - Add support for Spring bean in navigator
  • MD-3336 - Add replicated field to endpoint editors
  • MD-3337 - Bundle GraalVM with Martini Desktop
  • MD-3354 - Add polyglot support for tag step content
  • MD-3372 - Add Generated Documentation URL field to REST API editor


  • MD-3266 - Add ability to search a Gloop model reference by namespace in reference picker dialog
  • MD-3283 - Improve directory watcher endpoint directory picker dialog
  • MD-3289 - Add copy as set expression sub-menu item
  • MD-3300 - Add additional FTP Client endpoint options
  • MD-3309 - Remove File wizard from wizard menu when selecting the queries folder
  • MD-3333 - Setting a path variable by double clicking a URL segment should use the original value as default and test value in Gloop HTTP Client service wizard
  • MD-3335 - Improve refactoring file location message
  • MD-3341 - Retain default and test values of URL path parameters when modifying the URL in Gloop HTTP Client service wizard
  • MD-3343 - Add format SQL menu item to SQL editor
  • MD-3345 - Infer version of dependency from package of same name in instance
  • MD-3359 - Add shortcut to change language
  • MD-3371 - Hide Auto Reconnect menu item for embedded MR instance


  • MD-3089 - FTP Client endpoint form shows directory of local server
  • MD-3370 - Correct Dark theme not selected for macOS Catalina 10.15
  • MD-3378 - JMS queues and topics dialog table selection is not full row on Windows