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Report Builder

In Martini, you'll be dealing with a lot of data like system statistics and most notably, data from service invocations1. Oftentimes, organizations use this data to audit transactions, troubleshoot, and generate reports for graphical presentations, by which immediate conclusions about the status of the system may be derived.

While Martini already supports the creation of custom templates and web pages which you can use in order to display your statistics and findings; it also offers a quicker, more convenient way to generate reports: Report Builder.

Report Builder is a subset of Martini and is the low-code solution for all your report generation needs. With just a few clicks, you can create beautiful, customizable charts from static JSON data or dynamic data such as those from RESTful web services, and the invoke monitor and Tracker search indices.

To design your layout, all you have to do is drag and drop built-in widgets. It's also easy to add your own touches; if you need to go off-track and write your own CSS, just paste it or give the link and Report Builder will take care of the rest. With Report Builder, creating reports becomes easy.

Report Builder

Report Builder

  1. Data (typically from HTTP calls) processed by Monitor and Tracker processes.