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Release notes for Martini Online v1.3.0

Martini Online v1.3.0 was released on July 2, 2020. This version brings the following major features and improvements:

  • Support for polyglot

    This feature introduces the new Gloop script service, script step (previously known as Gloovy step) and the updated script dialog which allows you to choose and use supported script languages.

    Gloop script service

    Script step editor

  • Support for invocations of Spring bean methods

    You can now invoke Spring bean methods in your services after adding Spring context files to your Martini package.

    Invoking a Spring bean's method in a Gloop service

  • Support for the HTTP filter endpoint, which allows developers to invoke services upon the receipt of an HTTP request.

    HTTP filter endpoint


  • MO-3338 - Create an About modal
  • MO-3345 - Add additional FTP Client endpoint options
  • MO-3346 - Add Solr core configuration to Martini package configuration editor
  • MO-3357 - Update find references feature
  • MO-3358 - Add ability to search a Gloop model reference by namespace in reference picker dialog
  • MO-3359 - Add polyglot support
  • MO-3363 - Add support for spring bean in navigator and Gloop service editor
  • MO-3364 - Add replicated field to endpoint editors
  • MO-3365 - Setting a path variable by double clicking a URL segment should use the original value as default and test value in Gloop HTTP Client service wizard
  • MO-3368 - Update saving of changed password of the User
  • MO-3369 - Update guided tour incorrect selectors
  • MO-3370 - Add loginTimeout field to JDBC database
  • MO-3377 - Update polyglot icons
  • MO-3378 - Change the Add Script step shortcut to alt + S
  • MO-3379 - Change labels of field when uploading an item to team workspace
  • MO-3380 - Update the package dependency version matcher
  • MO-3387 - Update HTTP Filter Endpoint to use the correct properties
  • MO-3388 - Gloop tour needs to updated on the part where set expression needs to be evaluated
  • MO-3398 - Add polyglot support to Flux wait expression
  • MO-3399 - Add polyglot support for tag step content
  • MO-3404 - Add warning if the added package dependency no longer exist
  • MO-3416 - Add Generated Documentation URL field to REST API editor


  • MO-2261 - Add duplicate step label validation
  • MO-3300 - Make adding FFD property on editor clearly visible
  • MO-3306 - Sort alphabetically database connection names in wizards
  • MO-3310 - Align nested context menu
  • MO-3321 - Align refresh validation button in Set Expression modal
  • MO-3327 - Show a tip only once per session
  • MO-3337 - Add Generate Preview button on FFD preview tab
  • MO-3340 - Inconsistent checkboxes in Text Search
  • MO-3341 - Missing style indicator for focused inputs and buttons
  • MO-3342 - Create a pagination component
  • MO-3343 - Update the collapse and expand icons from the Text Search
  • MO-3344 - Add HTTP Filter endpoint editor
  • MO-3349 - Add tooltips on martini package config editor fields
  • MO-3350 - Align the alias from the Gloop model tree
  • MO-3353 - Add copy as set expression sub-menu item
  • MO-3371 - Misaligned checkbox in New Groovy Class modal
  • MO-3373 - Add format SQL menu item to SQL editor
  • MO-3376 - Infer version of dependency from package of same name in instance
  • MO-3384 - Improve shortcuts for Windows
  • MO-3390 - Update favicon icon
  • MO-3403 - Add shortcut to change language


  • MO-2902 - FTP Client endpoint form shows directory of local server
  • MO-3361 - Groovy guided tour stuck up on part where you need to run the service and pop up instruction also disappears
  • MO-3362 - Empty problems list when deleting files that has reference
  • MO-3367 - Unable to search "Block try/catch/finally" on content assist
  • MO-3375 - Footer blocks last few lines on Martini Console
  • MO-3381 - Expand button is not working when setting inputs
  • MO-3382 - Parse error when saving gloop service
  • MO-3383 - Set Expression treated plain text as groovy
  • MO-3385 - Generate preview on FFD for a single property is not working
  • MO-3393 - Unable to add service as startup/shutdown service from a dependency package
  • MO-3394 - Saving package throws an unrecognized field error
  • MO-3395 - Editing a package dependency sometimes shows the old version
  • MO-3402 - Final step on Groovy tour throws an error Apparent variable 'gloopView' was found in a static scope but doesn't refer to a local variable, static field or class.
  • MO-3405 - Cannot delete a downloaded an api schema on team workspace
  • MO-3408 - Enabling rule using right-click doesn't reflect on rule editor
  • MO-3410 - Adding package dependency throws an error on the console when theres a deleted dependency package
  • MO-3411 - Broken Set Expression modal on Flux I/O property
  • MO-3412 - Gloop services not displaying its correct icons immediately
  • MO-3413 - Searching document type using ID won't show any results
  • MO-3414 - Broken Report Builder on IE11
  • MO-3419 - Cannot click finish button on the 1st step of Groovy tour
  • MO-3421 - Dirty state on unmodified HTTP Filter endpoint
  • MO-3422 - Dirty state on unmodified FTP Client endpoint
  • MO-3423 - Unexpected error on gloop step
  • MO-3424 - 404 and 401 images were not aligned on IE11
  • MO-3425 - MD Report Builder dirty/save is not working properly
  • MO-3427 - Can't import service input from clipboard
  • MO-3428 - Package dependency name is not properly showing when downloading an item with dependency on team workspace
  • MO-3429 - Unable to create '' on MO
  • MO-3431 - When copy-pasting mappings, last map line is disabled


  • MO-3148 - Fix ui issues and Improve responsiveness of report builder
  • MO-3263 - Add data attributes on the selector used for selenium tests
  • MO-3351 - Update cannot be empty error messages to cannot be blank
  • MO-3366 - Update HTTP Filter endpoint editor
  • MO-3374 - Convert flaky selenium tests to cypress
  • MO-3400 - Update incorrect labels and icons for Gloop Script
  • MO-3414 - Update help contexts
  • MO-3420 - Remove replicated field from certain endpoint config editors