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Managing cookies using the HTTP Client

The HTTP Client provides a way to manage cookies associated with domains through the Cookie Manager. Cookies that are sent back by the server are stored and persisted by the Cookie Manager, meaning you can change their details even after you close Martini Desktop.

HTTP Client, Cookie Manager

When an HTTP request is sent, any persisted cookie in the Cookie Manager which matches the domain and the URL of the request is sent, in addition to the cookies defined in the Cookies tab.

If the Cookie Manager and the Cookies tab both contain an identically-named cookie, the cookie in the Cookies tab will hold higher precedence and thus, will be the one sent with the request.

To access the Cookie Manager, click the cookie-shaped icon in the top right side of the HTTP Client's Request panel.

HTTP Client, Cookie Manager icon

Adding a new domain

To add a new domain:

  1. Click the green '+'-labeled button at the top of the Domain panel, located right next to the search bar.
  2. Enter just the host name (without the scheme, port, and/or query string).
  3. Press .

Adding a new domain

To add a new cookie:

  1. Select the domain wherein the cookie will be associated to.
  2. Click the green '+'-labeled button at the top right corner of the cookie table.
  3. Populate the cells of the newly added row. Double click the cell to edit; press when done with editing a cell's value.
  4. Click the Save button to save all your changes.

Adding a new cookie

Disabling a cookie

You can prevent a cookie from being sent to the server by unchecking the checkbox beside its name. Disabling a cookie from the Cookie Manager