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Installing your license

After installation and deployment, installing Martini's license is the next step. Martini won't work without a license; in fact, as soon as you get it up and running, it will ask you to provide your license key if you have not done so yet.

These are the three different ways to install a license:

License installation for TORO Cloud

The procedures described in this document are not applicable to organizations running on Martini Online. License installation is automatic for TORO Cloud subscribers. To learn how to subscribe to TORO Cloud, please visit this section instead.

Via Martini Runtime Admin UI

Access Martini Runtime's Admin UI via your browser (this is usually http://<martini-host>:8080). By default, you will be taken to the login page but since a license is not present yet, you won't be able to login. Instead, Martini will inform you that you need to install a license first. You will be redirected to a new page with two options: the first one is for automatically generating and installing a license, and the other allows you to manually enter a license key (which you will have to generate using the the TORO Marketplace).

License not installed warning

To automatically generate and install your license key:

Installing a license key

  1. Choose the "Automatic license installation" option.
  2. Click Continue. You will be redirected to TORO Marketplace's register product key page.
  3. Login to your account. You may create one if you don't have a TORO Marketplace account yet.
  4. Choose your organization and license type.

    Must be a member of the organization

    Ensure you are a member of the organization you want to select because if you're not, the organization won't appear. To be a member of an organization, you must be invited; this can be done via the TORO Marketplace.

    There will be two options for the license type. Select "Free License" to run Martini on your desktop — free of charge, forever. Select "Use Available Subscriptions" instead to choose from your account's paid subscriptions.

  5. Once done, click the Generate License button. Doing so will redirect you to the Martini Runtime Admin login page.

To manually generate and inject your license key:

Installing a license key

  1. Choose the "Manual license installation" option. This will show the product key installed on your machine. Take note of the provided product key.
  2. Follow the steps here in order to generate your license key.
  3. Copy your license key to the clipboard. You may obtain a copy of your generated license by checking your email (an email is sent when a license is generated).
  4. Go back to the license form and in the text area, paste your license key.
  5. Click Save.

Via CLI tool

To maintain a license via the CLI tool, you can use the following commands:

Command Description
export-license Exports the currently installed license to a file.
import-license Imports a license from a provided file.
install-license Installs a license.
license Prints the currently installed license.
product-key Prints the product key.
sync-license Syncs the currently installed license on the machine.

CLI tool and license maintenance

The CLI tool only allows maintaining licenses on local machines. This means you can't use the CLI tool to connect to a remote instance to perform license maintenance. If you want to maintain a license on a remote machine, you must either use the Martini Runtime Admin interface, or use the CLI tool on the machine itself.

  1. Get a copy of your license key from the TORO Marketplace using the steps described here. You'll be able to obtain a copy of your product key using the product-key command:

    > product-key
  2. Enter the install-license command, passing the license key generated earlier as an argument.

    > install-license --license "<your license key here>"
    License installed.

Once the license installed you will be able to login and use Martini.

Via Martini Desktop

Martini Desktop will check if you have a license installed or not on startup1. If no license is found, the license installation wizard will appear.

To install your license using the wizard, follow these steps:

  1. Provide your account's username and password. If you don't have an account yet, click on the 'Get one' link which will open a browser and redirect you to where you can sign up.

    Input TORO account credentials

  2. Click Finish to generate and install a license on your machine.

  3. If your account belongs to two or more organizations, you will be asked to select an organization. Choose the organization you want to use for your license.

Select organization

Once the license installation has completed successfully, a dialog will appear with a successful installation message and will ask if you would like to start your Martini instance.

You can also check the installed license details by selecting License > License Details in the Martini Desktop toolbar.

License menu item

  1. As well as when starting the embedded instance called local