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Release notes for Martini Desktop v1.6.0

Martini Desktop v1.6.0 was released on October 12, 2021. It includes bug fixes and improvements.


  • MD-3527 - Add support executing commands from package readme files
  • MD-3533 - Add Open Documentation context menu for Martini package with documentation


  • MD-3509 - Implement markdown file editor
  • MD-3517 - Automatically start the demo packages after installation
  • MD-3518 - Make installation of demo package replace existing one by default
  • MD-3521 - Open script/expression dialog after adding a Script, While or Fork step.
  • MD-3523 - Add support for selecting and changing the used subscription
  • MD-3525 - Associate yaml files to generic text editor
  • MD-3526 - Add support for opening embedded Martini Runtime files with system editor
  • MD-3534 - Use custom tabs for adhoc REST/HTTP wizard
  • MD-3431 - Add warning that the Martini package needs to be stopped to create a web directory


  • MD-3514 - Odd menu separator appearing on Windows context menus
  • MD-3516 - Files and folders showing under unloaded packages causing error
  • MD-3522 - Wizards are not initialized with correct directory location when Martini package is selected
  • MD-3530 - Selecting content in the properties set expressionLanguage into plain text
  • MD-3535 - Import endpoint menu item is showing on core package
  • MD-3536 - Error when trying to export a Martini package that's unloaded
  • MD-3538 - On windows cannot unselect a property by clicking on blank space
  • MD-3540 - Error when creating an API from an existing Swagger schema