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Release notes for Martini Desktop v1.4.0

Martini Desktop v1.4.0 was released on January 28, 2021.


  • MD-3437 - Improve Martini Runtime update dialog message
  • MD-3438 - Suppress connection failed error logging for auto reconnecting instances


  • MD-3439 - File lock error when updating Martini Runtime on Windows
  • MD-3440 - Clicking cancel when running unsaved services still prompts Run input dialog
  • MD-3441 - Editing a tag step content via dialog sometimes sets it to plain text
  • MD-3443 - Cannot edit expression from properties view
  • MD-3444 - Expression is reset when changing the language in dialog
  • MD-3452 - Creating a new service via service picker on Gloop API editor does not add the service