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Invoke document

Martini produces an invoke document whenever it detects a matching monitor rule for a service invocation. This document contains the particulars of the service call. It is first added to the invoke_monitor database, and then indexed to the invoke_monitor Solr core.

There are two types of invoke documents:

  • endpoint invoke documents; and
  • HTTP invoke documents.

The former is created for service calls triggered by endpoints; the latter for service calls triggered by APIs exposed through Martini.

Java bean properties

Internally, endpoint invoke documents are represented through EndpointInvokeDocument objects; HTTP invoke documents by HttpInvokeDocument objects. Both types have properties in common, but also contain a unique set of properties each:

Name Data type Description
id String A unique, auto-generated identifier for the document.
associatedTrackerId String The ID of the associated Tracker document, if it exists1.
timeInvoked Long Time invoked in milliseconds from the epoch of 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z.
packageName String The name of the package which handled the request.
endpointName2 String The name of the endpoint which invoked the service.
endpointType2 String The type of endpoint over which the service was invoked. If service is invoked via HTTP then the endpoint type is http.
userAgent3 String The user agent used when the service was invoked.
userPlatform3 String The platform used when the service was invoked.
serviceName String The name of the service that was invoked.
url3 URL The invocation URL.
user String The username of the user who invoked the service.
userGroups Set<String> The name of the groups the caller (user) belongs to.
success boolean Flag indicating whether the service was successfully executed or not.
invokeCost BigDecimal The cost of invoking the service.
responseTime long The duration of the service invocation in milliseconds. For HTTP-based calls, this will be the total time Martini took to respond to an HTTP request. For Martini endpoint-based calls, this will be the total time a service took to finish the invocation.
remoteAddress3 String The IP address where the HTTP invoke originated.
responseCode3 int The HTTP response code of the invocation.

Developers wishing to programmatically log invoke documents can work with either of these objects in their service code.

Database columns

Martini maps InvokeDocument object properties to the following SQL columns when saving an invoke document to the invoke_monitor database:

Mapped from SQL column SQL data type SQL table for HTTP invocations SQL table for endpoint invocations
id invoke_id VARCHAR(255) http_invoke_document endpoint_invoke_document
associatedTrackerId associated_tracker_id VARCHAR(40) http_invoke_document endpoint_invoke_document
timeInvoked time_invoked BIGINT http_invoke_document endpoint_invoke_document
packageName package_name VARCHAR(255) http_invoke_document endpoint_invoke_document
endpointName endpoint_name VARCHAR(255) N/A endpoint_invoke_document
endpointType endpoint_type VARCHAR(30) N/A endpoint_invoke_document
userAgent user_agent VARCHAR(255) http_invoke_document N/A
userPlatform user_platform VARCHAR(255) http_invoke_document N/A
serviceName service_name VARCHAR(1000) http_invoke_document endpoint_invoke_document
url url VARCHAR(2048) http_invoke_document N/A
user user_name VARCHAR(50) http_invoke_document endpoint_invoke_document
userGroups userGroups VARCHAR(20) invoke_document_user_group invoke_document_user_group
success success BOOLEAN http_invoke_document endpoint_invoke_document
invokeCost cost NUMERIC http_invoke_document endpoint_invoke_document
responseTime response_time BIGINT http_invoke_document endpoint_invoke_document
remoteAddress remote_address VARCHAR(255) http_invoke_document N/A
responseCode response_code INTEGER http_invoke_document N/A

Document fields

When indexing an invoke document to the invoke_monitor Solr core, Martini creates a SolrDocument with the following fields mapped from the InvokeDocument object:

Mapped from Field name Field type Multi-value?
id id solr.StrField false
associatedTrackerId trackerId solr.StrField false
timeInvoked timeReceived solr.StrField false
packageName packageName solr.StrField false
serviceName serviceName solr.StrField false
success success solr.BoolField false
invokeCost cost solr.DoublePointField false
user user solr.StrField false
userGroup userGroup solr.StrField true
endpointName endpointName solr.StrField false
endpointType endpointType solr.StrField false
url url solr.StrField false
remoteAddress remoteAddress solr.StrField false
remoteAddress4 country solr.StrField false
responseCode responseCode solr.IntPointField false
userAgent userAgent solr.StrField false
userPlatform userPlatform solr.StrField false
responseTime responseTime solr.LongPointField false
remoteAddress4 location solr.SpatialRecursivePrefixTreeFieldType false

  1. Logging with Tracker is also optional. 

  2. Only for EndpointInvokeDocument objects. 

  3. Only for HttpInvokeDocument objects. 

  4. Martini uses MaxMind GeoIP to resolve the value for this field using the provided IP address.