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Release notes for Martini Runtime v1.10.0

Martini Runtime v1.10.0 was released on Oct 20, 2022.


  • MR-7391 - Cannot produce Gloop Service from OpenAPI specs when content type is xml
  • MR-7324 - OpenAPI to Gloop Model bug ony 1 item properties with object reference
  • MR-7301 - Generated server url for OpenAPI json/yaml missing is missing the api keyword
  • MR-7285 - Invoking delete request method url alias endpoint in both MD and MO was not found
  • MR-7281 - SOAP API still runs successfully using Oauth2.0 even though Basic Auth is the only selected auth type in API config


  • MR-7317 - Support listening and publishing to RabbitMQ Amqp 0-9-1