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Importing and exporting request groups

Martini Desktop allows you to export your request groups so you can share your configurations with colleagues. Exported request groups come in the form of .requests files, which can contain multiple groups at once.

Export as ZIP

You can also export your request groups as a ZIP archive but the truth is, this is just a .requests file compressed to make a ZIP.

To export a request group, right click on it and select Export from the appearing context menu. Populate the form. You can export multiple groups at once.

Exporting request groups

Aside from this, you can also copy the request group's JSON-formatted content to the clipboard by clicking the Copy to Clipboard button.

Meanwhile, to import, click the 'import' button beside the 'add' button; both are on the right side of the search bar. In the appearing wizard, specify the .requests or .zip file containing the request groups you want to import.

Importing request groups

Importing your requests with text is much easier when you already have them in your clipboard.

Importing request groups with text

You can also import your requests file by dragging and dropping it to the request group tree on the left side of the HTTP Client view.

Importing request groups with via dragging and dropping