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Core database connections

Databases are mandatory in the implementation of some features of Martini. These required databases are what we call core databases. By default, Martini creates these databases for you albeit in the form of embedded HSQL databases which, in most cases, is not ideal for production environments and warrants migration.

Martini's core databases are:

  • tracker

    The tracker database is used to store all Tracker-related data. It is also used when the Tracker search index needs to be rebuilt.

  • coder

    This database is mainly used for building reports.

  • flux

    Used for storing all Flux-related data.

  • config

    Used for storing created Martini data such as Martini users (and the access tokens related to it), Martini groups, and invoke monitor rules.

Other pre-configured database connections

Any other database connection that is pre-configured but not a core database connection are most likely created and used by the examples package. It does not affect the functionality of Martini in any way and can be safely deleted if desired.

Like regular databases, Martini communicates with core databases via database connections. We call database connections of core databases, core database connections. Core database connections are also pre-configured in Martini.

As seen in the user interface

In your instance's existing database connections can be shown by expanding the Databases node in the Navigator view.

Core database connections

Core database connections


Like any other database connection, the core database connections' statuses can be changed. However, keep in mind that there are a few key differences.

Although core database connections can be stopped so that they can be re-configured or migrated, deleting a core database connection would only reset its configuration to its default counterpart (as in Martini will revert to using embedded databases). Meanwhile, disabling core database connections is not possible because Martini requires these databases to run.

In addition to this, any changes made to core database connections require you to restart Martini.

Stop core database connections with caution

Stopping any of the core database connections will cause some functionality to not work properly in Martini.