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Release notes for Martini Online v1.7.0

Martiniā„¢ Online v1.7.0 was released on October 18, 2021. This version includes bug fixes and improvements:


  • MO-3696 - Implement markdown file editor
  • MO-3706 - Add support executing commands from package readme files
  • MO-3708 - Add Open Documentation context menu for Martini package with documentation


  • MO-3689 - Automatically start the demo packages after installation
  • MO-3690 - Make installation of demo package replace existing one by default
  • MO-3691 - Auto reconnect to Martini runtime
  • MO-3692 - Display package dependencies in installation details dialog
  • MO-3697 - Open script/expression dialog after adding a Script, While or Fork step


  • MO-3709 - Missing file navigator item tooltip