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Refactoring services

Like most standard IDEs, Martini supports refactoring. When you rename, move, or delete input and output properties of services, including declared properties1, the service editor ensures these properties are renamed, moved, or deleted2 in other areas where they are used. Operations like these, however, are somewhat expensive as references will have to be checked and updated.

To rename or delete a property:

  1. Select the property you want to rename, move, or delete in the Input/Output view (if the property is an input or output property) or Mapper view (if the property is a declared property).
  2. Right click on the property, select Refactor, and then click Rename, Move, or Delete. You can also press to rename, to move, and to delete. You can also "move refactor" by dragging and dropping properties while pressing ^.
  3. A dialog will appear, listing all changes that will be made by the refactoring process. If there are undesirable changes, un-check them so that they will not be applied.
  4. Click OK or press to confirm your action.

Once the changes have been applied, all steps referencing the property are modified. The refactoring process handles map lines, set expressions, iterate steps, while step input and output arrays, and declared and unloaded properties.

Renaming an input property

Renaming an input property

Local refactoring

Refactoring is only local to the service; refactoring a service input or output property will not refactor other services using it.

  1. Properties that do not belong to the original set of input and output properties; they are declared on-the-spot via the Mapper. 

  2. After responding affirmatively to action confirmation.