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Services are executable logic in Gloop. They are incredibly simple to use, very easy to learn, and allow developers to quickly become integration ninjas!

Services are structured similarly to Java methods in that they have inputs (like method arguments), outputs (similar to return values), and a body where the logic is performed. This body is made up of Gloop steps, akin to programming statements.

Martini provides a variety of graphical tools for building services. Using the IDE's dedicated editors and widgets, it's easy to perform tasks in your service such as setting and getting variable values; iterating over arrays; executing if-else and switch-case logic; invoking external code; and so much more – all "coded" via the user interface.

Services also consist of properties. Using these properties, services can be instantly exposed via REST; have extra properties for validating data prior to execution; and have areas for you to add Markdown comments, which are automatically inserted into your Swagger, OpenAPI, Postman collection, and WSDL or SOAP files so your API consumers can see your documentation, too.