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Toro Cloud Dev Center

Monitoring Event Based Workflows

An overview of running services can be helpful in keeping track of ongoing activities. In this section, we will look at some methods for monitoring and inspecting your Event Based Workflows.

Using the Martini service manager

The Martini service manager provides a list of services that are currently running on a Martini instance. You can use this tool to monitor all running Event Based Workflows, as well as terminate them if you want to.

Using loggers

The Event Based Workflows engine logs different kinds of information depending on the current log level. By default, its logger level is set to INFO which will provide exceptions and warnings that occur during its execution. To retrieve more information about Event Based Workflow executions, edit or add io.toro.fluxengine's log level to DEBUG. Setting it to this level will yield information about:

  • The start and termination of a service
  • State and transition executions
  • Triggered services
  • External events
  • The debugger

Changing log levels

To change the Event Based Workflow engine's log level, you can either modify your <martini-home>/conf/ file or update its logger via the user interface.

Using Tracker

Another way to monitor the behavior of Event Based Workflows is through Tracker. By logging Event Based Workflow invocations to Tracker, you'll be able to review data processed by your workflows and even use them in your other integrations.