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Release notes for Martini Desktop v1.5.0

Martini Desktop v1.5.0 was released on May 28, 2021. It includes numerous UX improvements.


  • MD-3479 - Add ability to open a Martini package's documentation when it's started
  • MD-3508 - Add support for installing demo packages from the welcome page


  • MD-3460 - Open the help view by default
  • MD-3461 - Navigator one liners improvements
  • MD-3463 - Show contextual help for selected one liners in the Navigator
  • MD-3464 - Show documentation about object converters in set expression dialog help
  • MD-3465 - Add "Add Function" menu item to the Gloop service add menu
  • MD-3466 - Searching in the navigator should include the method which class name matches the search.
  • MD-3467 - Reorganise New context and dropdown menus
  • MD-3468 - Rename wizards
  • MD-3469 - Split Gloop API wizard into a consume and create API wizard
  • MD-3471 - Dropdown toolbar item menus improvement
  • MD-3472 - Hide file extensions in Navigator for items under the "code" directory.
  • MD-3474 - Automatically start embedded MR on startup of MD
  • MD-3478 - Gloop service editor tree improvements
  • MD-3488 - Avoid logging error when package's properties file is not found
  • MD-3501 - Expand embedded Martini runtime after it started in navigator view
  • MD-3502 - Set .md files to open in text editor


  • MD-3163 - Editor area tab chevron doesn't render with small width
  • MD-3473 - Embedded MR instance doesn't auto reconnect
  • MD-3475 - Start menu item is showing for starting embedded MR
  • MD-3486 - Error parsing Gloop templates with invoke template steps
  • MD-3487 - Error when fetching files from
  • MD-3489 - Unwanted content in help view
  • MD-3490 - Failed to read TOC from cache on new workspace
  • MD-3492 - Error decorators don't disappear
  • MD-3494 - Hyperlinks don't have the correct color
  • MD-3495 - Macos icon glitch
  • MD-3496 - Markdown editor doesn't work when used in dialog
  • MD-3498 - Error Caching Martini Reports on Windows
  • MD-3503 - Suppress failed to shutdown error on Windows
  • MD-3507 - Upload package to Team Workspace wizard doesn't work
  • MD-3511 - Error when previewing the XML of a Gloop model with a date format
  • MD-3512 - Showing tips dialog on startup blocks the startup of embedded MR