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Toro Cloud Dev Center


Martini comes in three editions: Martini Online, Martini Runtime, and Martini Desktop. Each edition is named after the type of deployment it supports.

Martini Online

Martini Online is a platform-as-a-service offering of TORO Cloud, which frees you from the complexities of deployment, scaling, and management of servers. Dedicated instances are provisioned for you instantly, so that your company can focus on the development of services - straight from the browser.

Martini Runtime

Martini Runtime is an on-premise edition, that allows companies to gain full control of the deployment, scaling, and infrastructure deployment of Martini instances. This edition is perfect for companies that require data be kept on their own hardware, be it in the cloud or on premise.

Martini Desktop

Martini Desktop is the development edition of Martini. Along with an embedded runtime server, it includes a powerful integrated development environment (IDE) for developing services. This is intended for developers building applications on a local machine.