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Monitoring threads

Martini was designed to handle multi-threaded processes. You can conveniently check ongoing threads through its administrator REST API and user interface.

Via the user interface

To access the Threads page, open the Martini Runtime Admin UI in your browser. From the main menu, select Server Status, and then click Threads from the appearing submenu.

Accessing the Threads page via the main menu

Check your license

The Martini Runtime Admin UI is only available in the Martini Runtime Edition.

This page will list all running threads and their state. Clicking on a thread name will show an information panel that displays more details about the thread.

The Threads page showing all running threads in the Martini instance

Via the REST API

Martini also provides REST endpoints for retrieving thread information. This API allows you to remotely do things such as:

  • Retrieve a list of running threads
  • Retrieve more information about a thread
  • View a thread's stacktrace

Commonly running threads

Some of the threads you might see displayed under Martini's thread monitoring interfaces are the threads described below.

Name Description
[JMS_LISTENER] core/monitor-indexer-listener-1 JMS message listener that handles the indexing of invoke documents.
[JMS_LISTENER] core/monitor-listener-1 JMS message listener that handles the storing of invoke documents.
[JMS_LISTENER] core/tracker-index-listener-1 JMS message listener that handles the indexing of Tracker documents.
[JMS_LISTENER] core/tracker-listener-1 JMS message listener that handles the storing of Tracker documents.
ActiveMQ Broker[localhost] Scheduler
ActiveMQ BrokerService[localhost] Task-{n} Manages the lifecycle of an ActiveMQ broker.
ActiveMQ Data File Writer Handles batch appends to a data file.
ActiveMQ Journal Checkpoint Worker
ActiveMQ Journal Scheduled executor Manages DataFiles.
ActiveMQ Session Task-2 Task runner for ActiveMQConnection
ActiveMQ Transport Server Thread Handler: {jms-url} Asynchronously accepts Transport objects and then delivers those objects to a TransportAcceptListener.
ActiveMQ Transport Server: {jms-url} Handles accepting of new connections.
ActiveMQ VMTransport: vm://localhost#{n}-{n} Handles messages sent synchronously, asynchronously, and consumed using direct method invocation.
bitronix-disk-force-batcher Executes disk force batches.
bitronix-task-scheduler Timed task services.
brokerChannel-{n} Handles messages to the broker from within the application.
CaffeineCacheSessionRepository-cleanup-{n} Handles cleaning up of expired Sessions
clientInboundChannel-{n} Handles messages from WebSocket clients.
clientOutboundChannel-{n} Handles messages to WebSocket clients.
Connection evictor Enforces an eviction policy for expired/idle persistent connections kept alive in the connection pool.
DestroyJavaVM Unloads the Java VM on program exit.
Finalizer Handles pulling of objects from the finalization queue and calls it finalize method.
HSQLDB Timer @{n} Executes scheduled HSQLDB tasks.
http-nio-9090-Acceptor Periodically checks that the connector is still accepting connections, also responsible for periodic checks of async timeouts.
http-nio-9090-exec-{n} Processes incoming HTTP requests.
IDE-{package-name} (index-thread-0) Handles indexing of files inside a package.
JmsComponentManager (relay)-heartbeat-0 Periodically checks/transmits heartbeats between components.
JmsComponentManager-consumer-0 Handles JMS messages.
mysql-cj-abandoned-connection-cleanup Handles closing of abandoned MySQL connections.
net.sf.ehcache.CacheManager@{n} Shutdown hook for the CacheManager.
OkHttp ConnectionPool Manages reuse of HTTP and HTTP/2 connections for reduced network latency.
OkHttp Dispatcher Policy on when async requests are executed.
Okio Watchdog Handles timing out of blocking I/O.
QuartzScheduler_QuartzSchedulerThread Responsible for performing the work of firing Triggers that are registered with the QuartzScheduler.
QuartzScheduler_Worker-{n} Executes scheduled Quartz tasks.
Reference Handler Enqueues pending References.
service-reaper-{n} Handles termination of unused services.
shutdown-thread-0 Listens for shutdown requests to terminate the instance.
Signal Dispatcher Handles the native signals sent by the OS to the JVM.
WatchKey[trackers.xml] Watches changes to the trackers.xml file.
WebSocket background processing Processing mechanism for BackgroundProcess that triggers roughly once a second.