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Release notes for Martini Desktop v1.7.0

Martini Desktop v1.7.0 was released on January 26, 2022. This version's key feature is the support for git.


  • MD-3539 - Add support for adding JDBC Driver JARs
  • MD-3543 - Include a .gitignore file in each workspace Martini runtime home
  • MD-3545 - Include EGit with Martini Desktop
  • MD-3548 - Service and web template page git diff compare viewer
  • MD-3560 - REST API git diff compare viewer
  • MD-3562 - Model git diff compare viewer


  • MD-3542 - Share Toro account credentials and martini preferences across workspaces
  • MD-3567 - Add collapse/expand all to git compare viewer with trees
  • MD-3568 - Don't copy the examples package for new workspaces


  • MD-3430 - Can't drag JAR to different directory because contents are read-only
  • MD-3546 - Git Staging view "Ignore" and "Ignore Folder" menu items don't work
  • MD-3555 - Cannot open properties file from git staging view
  • MD-3556 - Properties files opened via git staging view don't have syntax coloring
  • MD-3565 - Cannot generate Ad hoc HTTP services with body for certain HTTP methods
  • MD-3566 - Cannot select which Martini instance to install the demo package on from the welcome page
  • MD-3570 - Failed to launch embedded Martini error "closed project local"