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Release notes for Martini Online v1.5.0

Martini Online v1.5.0 was released on January 28, 2021. This version brings the following major features and improvements:


  • MO-3326 - Add a report preview link on report builder
  • MO-3552 - Add ability to create tags from web folder resources via drag and drop
  • MO-3553 - Add content proposal to Gloop template for adding web resources as tag


  • MO-2948 - Move selection to closest item after a tree item is deleted
  • MO-3032 - Add option to refresh on navigation context menu
  • MO-3504 - Support flattening directories in the navigator
  • MO-3531 - Added shortcuts on location-selector component
  • MO-3547 - Improve handling of added files/folders in the navigator
  • MO-3555 - Forbid "code" as a Martini package name
  • MO-3556 - Rename 'Add Path' button to 'Finish' when creating a new Path
  • MO-3563 - Improve tags selection
  • MO-3569 - Improve property selection
  • MO-3570 - Add placeholder to search text input of Gloop model editor
  • MO-3573 - Add option in modal service to prevent opening new instance when there's an existing modal with the same header title or id
  • MO-3582 - Restore expanded state of model properties after saving
  • MO-3585 - Restore expanded state of Gloop steps
  • MO-3593 - Allow selecting all for Gloop model
  • MO-3604 - Added validation on Add Flux state modal


  • MO-3548 - Enter shortcut for submitting the selected item on Endpoint when choosing a service doesn't work
  • MO-3551 - Can't drag JAR to different directory because contents are read-only
  • MO-3558 - Package name provided on package creation modal does not match the actual name
  • MO-3559 - Unable to list available output properties for API response
  • MO-3571 - Can edit readonly model properties
  • MO-3572 - Can set negative values to min/max array size property
  • MO-3574 - Searching in text input of Input view will also search in text input of Output view and vice versa
  • MO-3575 - Mapper content assist not showing
  • MO-3577 - Added properties on a referenced model were not showing
  • MO-3581 - Can delete read-only property via shortcut in Gloop model editor
  • MO-3583 - Edit comments is visible on a selected read-only property
  • MO-3584 - Publishing API from URL generates duplicate file
  • MO-3587 - No duplicate folder name validation on the package root
  • MO-3588 - Setting hours in the Cron scheduler endpoint checks other options
  • MO-3589 - Opening service picker errors
  • MO-3590 - Content assist for model on Gloop editor is not working
  • MO-3591 - Cannot import existing Gloop model
  • MO-3592 - Renaming folder creates another folder
  • MO-3594 - Flux tour got stuck when clicking mapper on Step 4/6
  • MO-3595 - Selecting properties using shift + click not working properly
  • MO-3596 - Copy and paste Gloop steps not working properly
  • MO-3598 - Creating new service from scratch shows not found in rest api editor
  • MO-3599 - Unselecting on properties on Gloop model using shift + click is not working
  • MO-3600 - Save button works on demo version
  • MO-3601 - Open declaration on read only field is disabled
  • MO-3602 - Unable to add child steps on Gloop editor using content assist
  • MO-3603 - Properties view's value column is not responsive
  • MO-3605 - Cannot use select all for Gloop template when it has input parameter
  • MO-3606 - Can drag and drop jar file from outside lib folder without validation
  • MO-3607 - Unselecting on Gloop and Gloop template using shift + click is not working
  • MO-3608 - Content assist result on I/O view is not properly showing when the properties container was selected
  • MO-3609 - Incorrect Gloop service editor content assist proposals
  • MO-3611 - Content assist on Gloop model editor not working properly in split view
  • MO-3612 - Moving selected property using arrow keys and content assist are not working when property was added using content assist and by hitting enter key
  • MO-3613 - Available tags on tags tab is not showing when you tried adding tags on operation
  • MO-3615 - Expanded state of properties after undo is collapsing
  • MO-3616 - Unable to continue Flux tour on step 1/6 when clicked on the editor
  • MO-3619 - Unable to accept a valid cron expression in endpoint editor
  • MO-3620 - Results table on database perspective is not updating when running the query


  • MO-3286 - When downloading an API Schema add an option install as new package or an existing package
  • MO-3560 - Update request when previewing FFD of an excel spreadsheet
  • MO-3576 - Update Flux editor's add context menu option icon
  • MO-3580 - Disable adding of properties on a selected read-only property