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Martini Runtime prerequisites

An important consideration when installing any application are its software and hardware requirements. In this document, we will discuss Martini's software dependencies, and minimum and recommended hardware requirements. Luckily, like most modern applications, Martini is capable of running on any modern computer, server, or virtual environment.

Martini Desktop is a different application

Martini Desktop is a separate desktop application used for developing your applications; it has a different set of requirements. For your convenience, Martini Desktop already comes with an embedded Martini Runtime.

Hardware requirements

Minimum hardware requirements

To run, Martini will need to be on a machine or environment that has at least:

  • 2 logical CPU cores
  • 1 GB of RAM assigned to the JVM
  • 1 GB available storage

The recommended hardware for a Martini instance depends on the type of application being run by Martini and the volume transactions being processed.

If your application will be executing CPU-intensive tasks such as processing large data sets, then Martini will perform better with more logical CPU cores together with more RAM. More CPU cores and RAM can also make the garbage collection process of the JVM more efficient.

Generally speaking, a good starting point for a production instance is:

  • 2-4 logical CPU cores
  • 2-4 GB of RAM assigned to the JVM
  • 4 GB available storage, excluding the requirements of any large data sets in an embedded database, Solr, or ActiveMQ.

It is also important to keep in mind that Martini licenses have a logical core limit depending on the plan selected. You must run your instance of Martini on a machine with no more than the number of logical CPU cores permitted by your license. If your server has more logical CPU cores than your license permits, you may want to consider running Martini in a virtual machine and limit that virtual machine to the number of logical cores permitted by your license.

Software requirements

Software Description Version(s)
Operating system The platform on which Martini, its associated services, environment, or container will run. MacOS 10.09, Linux (tested with CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 18), Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 (or later versions of all supported operating systems)
Java Development Kit This is a requirement in order to launch the application. JDK 1.8
Database servers While Hypersonic is the default embedded database, you can opt to connect to a different remote database1. Hypersonic SQL v2.0 or latest, MySQL 5.5 and up, PostgreSQL v7.0 or later, and more

Guide to installing JDK 8

The following page describes how to install JDK 8 across different operating systems.

  1. The type of license you have dictates the database types you may connect to.