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Release notes for Martini Runtime v1.4.0

Martini Runtime v1.4.0 was released on January 28, 2021. This version's key feature is the support for third-party authentication and authorization servers such as Amazon Cognito and Auth0.


  • MR-4972 - Support array-based values in Gloop SQL Service
  • MR-6177 - Support external identity with JWT when invoking APIs


  • MR-4491 - Prettify exception message of failed connection attempt of MongoDB connection pool
  • MR-5706 - Group operations without tags to 'default' for API doc page
  • MR-5764 - Render markdown in service invoker form
  • MR-5971 - Make the error message descriptive when it fails the authentication on CORS with remote swagger UI
  • MR-5983 - Handle imports in WSDL that points to a path with space
  • MR-5998 - Can't delete JAR files in Windows
  • MR-6030 - Do not show built-in Groovy methods in content assist
  • MR-6125 - ClassToGloopServiceGroup returning array as Object instead of the correct class
  • MR-6161 - Improve naming of body parameter in generated specs from Gloop API


  • MR-5226 - Access-Control-Allow-Origin header contains multiple domains when 'cors.allowed-origins' property has multiple values
  • MR-5916 - Shutdown confirmation modal is not styled
  • MR-5948 - Appended is-external=true query to external Javadoc links sometimes cause 404
  • MR-5999 - Package with a name 'code' can be created
  • MR-6020 - Unable to resolve parameter types from JAR in mapper
  • MR-6033 - Invoking a service with image attachment throws Error setting field value for property 'image'
  • MR-6129 - StreamMethods#groupBy throws IllegalArgumentException when using stream parameter
  • MR-6157 - Multipart file input doesn't work for Gloop services exposed via ad hoc REST


  • MR-6160 - Fix CVE-2020-7768, CVE-2020-25649, CVE-2020-17527, CVE-2020-26217