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Event Based Workflow

The Event Based Workflow engine (shortened as Event Based Workflow) is Martini's implementation of a workflow engine. A workflow engine is an application that handles business processes for you based on a defined workflow. Processing a workflow includes executing actions in a certain order and making automated decisions based on data or waiting for intervention to determine how to proceed.

Using Event Based Workflow

Often times, you have business processes that could be automated. These processes could be triggered by events or started explicitly, go through predefined steps to process data and make decisions for you or wait for an event to determine how to proceed. Event Based Workflow provides you a way to define these business processes, when they happen, how to decide where to go or when to wait for certain events.

With Event Based Workflow, you could start a workflow and monitor its progress. Want to define a hiring process? Tell it what the steps are, give them appropriate names and link them together with transitions. With our APIs, you could query the status of a workflow so you know what step you're at. Need to process data between steps? Just tell it how you want to process the data by providing a service. Decisions? Tell Event Based Workflow how to decide and it will decide for you.

Event Based Workflow also enables you to fully automate business process by allowing you to set a trigger for your workflow. Event Based Workflow makes use of events to determine when to start and what happens next. With this you could use our Event API to tell Event Based Workflow what's going on and have it handle everything for you.