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Release notes for Martini Online v1.0.0

Martini Online v1.0.0 was published on September 9, 2019. It is the web-based counterpart of Martini Desktop. This platform provides interface elements1 so you can build applications using the following features:

  • Gloop, Martini's low-code application development language
  • Gloop templates, which allow you to easily create dynamic web pages using Martini's Gloop-based HTML templating engine

    Gloop template

  • Groovy services, so you could delve into low-level code for advanced implementations

  • Flux for your workflow needs
  • Functions, which are reusable methods that you could use to solve common computational problems
  • Martini endpoints, which allow you to anticipate and respond to events
  • Database connections and services2 for operations requiring data persistence
  • Monitor rules, which allow you to monetize service invocations
  • Throttling rules, which allow you to throttle service invocations
  • Tracker, which allows you to track request and response payloads for later auditing
  • Report Builder, which you can use to create reports

It also provides tools that you could use during development such as:

  • Debuggers for Gloop, Gloop templates, and Flux

  1. Such as wizards, editors, views, etc. 

  2. Martini supports a variety of relational databases; as well as NoSQL databases like Cassandra, MongoDB, and Redis.