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Release notes for Martini Runtime v1.8.0

Martini Runtime v1.8.0 was released on May 17, 2022.


  • MR-6892 - Extra models generated when trying to generate data model using JSON schema
  • MR-6882 - Cassandra select multiple returns only single value on cursor when running in Martini Desktop
  • MR-6880 - Running examples package's ParentCursorExample.gloop in Desktop debug mode throws JsonMappingException
  • MR-6872 - CassandraDBService.gloop exception thrown when Select Many contains filter statement
  • MR-6840 - Date datatype issue time gets truncated when running InsertBatch on SQLService
  • MR-6839 - MD file request operation failed due to potential race condition on MR
  • MR-6799 - deserialized Json response from gloop model with required property set to true not returning as null field
  • MR-6718 - evalString() not able to read alias for path parameters


  • MR-6796 - Prettify the dropdown list of specs in API explorer
  • MR-6795 - Replace API explorer icon and page title with one not branded Martini or TORO