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Release notes for Martini Desktop v1.0.1

Martini Desktop v1.0.1 was released on December 3, 2019. This version covers the following issues:


  • MD-3043 - Automatically close the debug/run preview browser tab of a Gloop template when it is terminated
  • MD-3075 - Add Gloop template tip category
  • MD-3099 - Exclude GloopMethods.throwAPIException from uncaught method exception validation
  • MD-3110 - Add option to overwrite the examples package when updating the embedded runtime
  • MD-3196 - Rename Code Package wizard to Code Directory


  • MD-2807 - Value cell editor that opens in a dialog doesn't deactivate in REST API editor when the dialog closes in Mock Data Dialog
  • MD-3082 - Able to reset an array item that is a model in the Run input dialog
  • MD-3088 - Double clicking a query file in the navigator does not open it if a query file was opened previously
  • MD-3092 - Auto-generated request in HTTP Client does not use the correct alias
  • MD-3095 - A query parameter that contains a json string is colored as a URL path parameter
  • MD-3096 - Gloop set expression editor loses focus when clicking on model tree
  • MD-3102 - Ask for saving before shutting down a Martini instance
  • MD-3108 - Test value column on Gloop HTTP Client Service wizard stays visible
  • MD-3113 - Copy and pasting operations from one Gloop API to another shows an error after using a Quick Fix
  • MD-3118 - Gloop enabled Groovy editor doesn't parse Gloop doc string correctly
  • MD-3122 - Null is shown in the window title when configuring a package
  • MD-3124 - Some HTML tags are missing from Gloop template content assist
  • MD-3131 - Cannot save Report Builder via shortcut when the browser has the focus
  • MD-3136 - Opening a New Gloop wizard when a file is selected shows incorrect location in the wizard
  • MD-3139 - Error when editing a groovy expression from another window
  • MD-3140 - Add Tag menu item doesn't show when clicking the + button in editor toolbar
  • MD-3141 - Refresh is not supported for Invoke Gloop Template step
  • MD-3143 - Invoke Gloop template step lines are loaded twice
  • MD-3145 - Editing a set expression under a tag step doesn't show the correct context
  • MD-3146 - Cannot edit set expression under tag step via double click
  • MD-3147 - Open declaration of declared property doesn't work in a Gloop template
  • MD-3148 - Opening a New Endpoint wizard shows incorrect package location when an endpoint is selected
  • MD-3149 - Opening a New Report wizard does not select the instance when a report is selected
  • MD-3151 - Some quick fixes don't work for Gloop template
  • MD-3154 - Cannot run a service from editor in Database perspective
  • MD-3155 - MongoDB Collections wizard throws error when there is no selection in the navigator
  • MD-3156 - Can't use shortcuts when editing set expression with choices
  • MD-3157 - Editing the set expression of tag step attribute doesn't always update the tree item label
  • MD-3158 - Property not found error is not showing when path parameter is unused in REST API Editor
  • MD-3159 - Operation tag can be duplicated using context menu, toolbar menu, and tag editor dialog in REST API Editor
  • MD-3160 - Doc URL is not getting validated when Doc Description is empty in REST API Editor
  • MD-3164 - Allow closing of license wizard dialog to quit the application
  • MD-3165 - Cannot create a subdirectory under core 'queries' directory
  • MD-3166 - Web folder cannot be deleted
  • MD-3173 - Sometimes no tree item is focused and selected on first Mapper activation
  • MD-3176 - Fix resource leak with HTTP Client request tab
  • MD-3179 - Fix resource leak with some toolbar items
  • MD-3181 - Search form fields button is not enabled when opening a form editor