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Release notes for Martini Runtime v1.0.1

Martini Runtime v1.0.1 was released on September 25, 2019. This hotfix covers the following issues:


  • MR-4882 - FallbackCapableSolrClient should not log stacktrace in case main Solr client failed


  • MR-4913 - Resubmitting a tracker document does not populate $trackerId
  • MR-4910 - TrackerResubmitEndpoint has a runtime value of
  • MR-4909 - Can't generate postman.json preview for Gloop REST API
  • MR-4904 - Closing Solr Client is not thread safe
  • MR-4885 - Cannot install an extension from Marketplace
  • MR-4867 - Deletion of Tracker documents does not reflect on Solr
  • MR-4865 - Generate invoke Gloop code to Groovy throws not found error