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Creating a chart from an array

To create a chart from an array, follow the steps below:

Creating a chart from a JSON array

  1. Open the Chart wizard by clicking on the charts button of an existing column.
  2. In the appearing dialog, you may choose which type of data to build the chart from. Choose Array.
  3. Enter your desired array data. You can use the sample array data by clicking the paste button on the right side.

    Live previews + auto-scaling charts!

    The preview gets updated whenever you edit the provided array data. Chart preview changes as source array gets edited

    Use date values for your array

    There is a Timeseries option if the data you want to use for your chart are dates or times. You can also set the date or time format of you data, as long as the format is supported.

    Configuring a chart to use an array of dates

  4. Pick the type of chart you want to use, and specify a name for your chart.

  5. Click Generate Report to finalize your work.