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Remotely deploying packages from one instance to another

Remote package deployment is a shortcut to manually exporting and importing packages. Simply put, it allows developers to directly create a copy of a package residing in one Martini server to another. This operation however, requires you to know the credentials of the receiving Martini instance.

To remotely deploy a package, you must:

Remotely deploying a package

  1. If you're planning to deploy multiple packages, select all of the packages in the Navigator view. You will know a package is selected when it is highlighted in blue. You can press the key to select adjacent packages or press the key and click to individually pick out packages. Ignore this step if you only need to deploy just one package.
  2. Right click on the package you want to remote deploy (any of the selected packages if multiple are selected). Select Export > Deploy to a Martini Instance.
  3. Select the remote instance where you want to deploy the package(s) to using the Deploy To field.

    If your remote instance has not been added to the list of deployment targets yet:

    Adding a new deployment target

    1. Click the Edit Deployment Target link at the bottom of the wizard.
    2. In the appearing dialog, click the green, '+'-labeled button on the right side.
    3. In the appearing dialog, provide the details of your remote instance.
    4. Once done click Save, and then close the parent dialog.
  4. Click Finish.

Using the CLI tool to deploy packages

You can also deploy between instances over different servers using the CLI tool's deploy-package command.

http://localhost:8080 > deploy-packages package-to-deploy --username --password password --auto-start
Deploying [package-to-deploy] to []... Deployed.