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Release notes for Martini Online v1.0.1

Martini Online v1.0.1 was released on October 14, 2019. This patch covers the following issues:


  • MO-2887 - Guided Tour Links
  • MO-2888 - A step can be added as a child of a map line step in the step tree by drag and drop
  • MO-2890 - Debug variable value delays one step when stepping over
  • MO-2891 - Report Preview is always empty for Search Index data type
  • MO-2899 - Unable to add decimal point in Monitoring rule cost
  • MO-2900 - Opening a core service on the navigator requires 2 clicks
  • MO-2903 - Pressing arrow up key in navigator doesn't work properly.
  • MO-2908 - Two items are being selected from list
  • MO-2909 - Can't save Gloop REST API when an Active API Explorer tab is open
  • MO-2912 - App froze after accidentally search for a single letter
  • MO-2914 - Not all step warnings are displayed
  • MO-2922 - Reference model name not removed when deleting a body parameter in Gloop REST API editor
  • MO-2924 - Set expression does not appear when a gloop step is expanded
  • MO-2929 - Renaming a Groovy class does not update the class name
  • MO-2933 - incorrect coordinates for endpoint, database, package, throttling and monitoring quick outline
  • MO-2943 - Wrong route URL in Gloop Template
  • MO-2892 - Monetization Rule should be Monitoring Rule in Throttling & Monitoring dialog


  • MO-2907 - Disable opening of newly created model when generated from schema files