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Release notes for Martini Runtime v1.10.2

Martini Runtime v1.10.2 was released on April 26, 2023.


  • MR-7208 - Unsuitable license for locale en_GB
  • MR-7209 - When endpoint is not found returning 500 status code
  • MR-7277 - Jabber functions throws Illegal Argument Exception
  • MR-7316 - Unexpected behavior after uploading packages with circular dependencies
  • MR-7387 - FTP server invoked service does not contain General parameters
  • MR-7422 - Postman Collection issue on generated security gloop service
  • MR-7431 - Consuming confluence wsdl has a missing getPage operation
  • MR-7488 - Starting jabber endpoint then testing config throws a connection error and closes it
  • MR-7513 - OutOfMemoryError when trying to tail 9999999999999999 lines of MR logs
  • MR-7526 - users_access model not found error when trying to consume Pipedrive OpenAPI schema
  • MR-7527 - Consuming OpenAPI file throwing an error
  • MR-7536 - Query Parameters with Object Datatype lead to invalid query values being sent in the request in Martini and causing the request to fail
  • MR-7537 - Missing POST/Create and PUT/Update services when consuming API in Martini
  • MR-7579 - Issues in HTTP function where a property can be of two types
  • MR-7610 - Consuming OpenAPI spec file throws an error
  • MR-7659 - Unexpected behavior on Jabber when listening using gloop as endpoint service
  • MR-7717 - No Content-Type header found from response
  • MR-7726 - Invoking the Insert One Mongodb function returns NoSuchMethod error