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Toro Cloud Dev Center

Managing your Martini instances

Martini Desktop allows users to connect to multiple Martini Runtime instances concurrently; whether they are hosted locally, or in the cloud.

Embedded instance

The local instance present in the Navigator is the embedded Martini Runtime of Martini Desktop. This instance cannot be deleted.

Connecting to an instance

To connect to a new instance, follow these steps:

Connecting to an instance

  1. Open the Martini instance manager by clicking on the server button (next to the search bar) in the Navigator.
  2. Click the green, '+' button. This will show the add instance dialog.
  3. Populate the required fields.

    Fields Definition
    Name Name of the Martini instance. This is the label that will be shown in the Navigator.
    Address The IP address or domain name of your Martini instance.
    Secure Determines whether the instance uses HTTPS or not.
    Username The username of your Marketplace account.
    Password The password of your Marketplace account.
  4. Click Save.

  5. Click Apply and Close.

Managing TORO accounts

You can also manage the accounts that you use to connect to an instance in the Martini Desktop's TORO Accounts section.

Managing TORO accounts

Modifying an instance's properties

You can modify an instance's startup and shutdown ports, and other properties in the file. To do this, right click the instance from the Navigator and select Edit Martini Properties from the appearing context menu. Except for the embedded local instance, remote instances must be connected and started before you can modify their properties.

Opening an instance's home directory

In Martini Desktop, you can open the home directory of the embedded Martini Runtime. To do this, right click the local instance. From the context menu, select Open Martini Home. Your file manager software should open a new window, displaying the contents of instance directory. From here you can modify configuration files, or back up data.