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Creating APIs in Gloop

There will be times when your services need to be exposed so as to let external applications send and consume data from them. Luckily, in Gloop, this is very easy to do through the use of Gloop REST APIs, Gloop SOAP APIs, and Gloop ad hoc REST endpoints. In the following pages, we'll take a look at these features and how to create and configure them:

  • Gloop REST APIs

    Gloop REST APIs allow application developers to map paths and operations to services. Learn how to use the Gloop REST API editor to create Gloop REST APIs.

  • Publishing REST endpoints via service properties

    A service may also be exposed as a web service by configuring its REST properties. Such web service is referred to as a Gloop ad hoc REST endpoint.

  • Gloop SOAP APIs

    How to create SOAP APIs through the use of Gloop SOAP APIs.