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Martini Documentation

Martini is a modern low-code platform for web application development, API management, application integration, and business process automation. Using Martini, you will be able to seamlessly build and integrate applications across your enterprise, build APIs, execute services based on events, log and monitor your transactions, create reports, and more – using just one solution.

A few of many scenarios where Martini can be used

Martini can integrate your enterprise with business partners and customers in a simple, manageable, and standards compliant manner. With many endpoints available out of the box for the most common protocols and transports you'll be able to build sophisticated applications between your legacy systems, databases and cloud-based applications very quickly, using much less, highly maintainable code.

Below you can read about Martini in more detail.

Design and build applications

Build your applications with either Martini Desktop (a desktop application) or Martini Online (a browser/web application). Both versions are incredibly feature rich, are easy to use, and work in very much the same way; keeping the learning curve small and allowing you to switch between as preferences change and the need arises. With the Martini IDEs, you can:

Deploy applications

Martini packages make it easy to share and deploy applications from server to server. Deploy your packages via Martini's user interface, share them with your team, share them with the world on the TORO Marketplace, or deploy packages programmatically using functions from RemoteDeploymentMethods. Packages can be deployed on-premise, in the TORO Cloud, or on your own cloud infrastructure.

Manage data

Martini includes SQL support out-of-the-box, as well as built-in support for NoSQL databases. This allows for bulk extract, transform and loading (ETL) of data, as well as the ability to perform database operations which includes support for:

Martini also natively supports the creation of Gloop Models from, and is able to write them as:

Audit and log transactions

Martini includes a powerful database and search index driven logging engine that allows you to audit, log, search, and report on any data coming to and from Martini. You can also configure Martini to monetize and throttle your APIs based on rules that you configure.

Monitor applications

Monitor ongoing processes using Martini's various tools and widgets including:

You can also build reports from this data.

Manage your instance

Learn more about how to configure and manage your Martini Runtime instance. Martini has multiple ways in which it can be configured and managed including:

More resources

Learn more about Martini here, by reviewing our community Q&A site, tutorials, videos, knowledge base and more:

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